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Originally Posted by RetroDude View Post
Yeh, tell me about it! It was actually my 2nd Havok Spoiler as my 1st one got caught in the stair railings and broke before I could even install it. Blew $599 there and then another $599 when 2nd wouldn't stay on. Now add the fact that the SLP cost me $350 painted, that brings my spoiler cost to about $1,550 Not cheep at all!

On another note, where did you get the side quarter louvers from? Could go well with my E&G rear window louvers! :party0048:

Attachment 162528

You can tell from the photo that I did have the Havok Spoiler attached ... at one point at least!
ouch about the spoiler. post a pic of your slp spoiler - id like to see what it looks like on your camaro.

the side window louvers are from astra-hammond. they needed to be painted before installing - the plastic is uv degradable. really like your rear window louver - damn nice!
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