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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Won't be coming out in 07 according to my sources. GM had a contract w/ St.Therese plant lasting throughout the 08 year. GM, in other words, can not make a 2007/8 Camaro unless it is built at the St.Therese plant. This plant no longer exists. Therefore, the next Camaro will be an 09 model. It can't be released until 08. But, no one ever said anything about them not being able to bring it out in early 08. So, no. It won't be coming out in a year.
To be honest, I never have suspected that it would come out any sooner than 2008. I did have a gleamer of hope, but realistically the liklihood of it hitting dealerships in 2007 is pretty slim. If it were going to be out in 2007, the camaro enthusiest community would have already heard leaked news from the suppliers and word that contracts have already been finalized.

That is ok though.... gives us time to set aside a fatter downpayment.
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