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Originally Posted by weedwacker13 View Post
Slightly off topic, but how do you like the navi that you bought for the G8, Garmin nuvi 265T. I just bought the same one, though I got the wide screen. Still waiting for it to arrive, thanks to the wonderful post office. And if you could, tell me how the traffic situation works, it seems like a really great feature.
The nuvi 265T is the first nav unit I've ever purchased, so it is my only reference point. However, I have been very pleased with the unit so far. It has a great display, and all the relevant information is easy to read. It has gotten me to my destinations without any problems.

The traffic alerts, however, have failed to impress. So far, I have had two traffic alerts on my unit. But each time, the information that was given was wrong. The first time I got an alert, the nuvi said there was a traffic jam on a particular exit when in fact the traffic jam was 3 miles up the road. The second time I got an alert, there was no traffic at all. In fact, it was Christmas day when the alert went off, so I was really surprised there would be a traffic jam on that day. And sure enough, NONE to be found. I expect up-to-date traffic information given that the nuvi's traffic alerts are supported by advertising that randomly appears on your screen (from places like BP, Walgreens, and Ramada)...

Overall, though, I give the nuvi a thumbs up. I think there is a reason why the nuvis are so insanely popular. Good product.
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