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Originally Posted by JMAN311 View Post
I wonder how soon before Feb. 16th that they will start pulling our orders from dealers. Is that what they mean by Janurary 2009 being the tentative "Consensus Period" ? Think they will just pull "xx" amount from dealers each week til they are all completed? It sure would be nice to know how they go about deciding which dealers get their orders pulled first if that's the case. Ordering from a small dealer that was only allocated 1 initially and my geographical location compared to where they are being built has me nervous about getting it before summer.
Just my opinion but your nervousness is probably well-founded. My guess from all I've read is you can basically take your dealer's allocation number and divide it into the 7 months they have "pre-scheduled". For example, my dealer with 63 I would guess would average 9 per month. Of course possible build constraints and logistics of shipping play a role also. You may be pleasantly surprised to find your car will be "earlier" than expected just because some big dealers around you are getting theirs and yours gets on the same truck to "save" shipping. It's really all a crap-shoot at this point with no "solid" word from GM on the build order.
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