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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
Ah, another tidbit coming straight from the horse's mouth.

Bob Boniface, a head designer at GM involved with Camaro, shared a tidbit about production details at the Camaro Superfest earlier this month:

October 2008 is the month when approximately 30 Camaros will first roll off the assembly line, and in the following months they will continue to ramp up production until the January 2009 release.
Although engine sizes are a secret, tenatively there are three engines set to be in the lineup for the initial release: 2 V6s and 1 V8.
Horsepower numbers are not known.

October 2008!
And so the countdown begins!

Please keep in mind that this was NOT a press release, nor any kind of official word from GM.
Just a couple tidbits passed along by a designer on the project.
Where did this come from?
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