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Originally Posted by Penaw001 View Post
Nice, I use to have BC coilovers on my SRT-4 and loved them. I just didnt know if they would carry the same rep on the Camaro as they did on my Neon.

Edit: Also do you have alot of issues with clearance?
I did a lot of research on BC racing and I found nothing but positive responses on BMW forums, Subaru forums, Mazda..... So I am pretty sure they will have the same with Camaro. There were always some haters who said they couldn't be as good as coil over brand X because they cost half the price. They never had any thing to back up their claims nor had they ever tried BC's.

I have had some clearance problems in terms of speed bumps and steep driveways but not with the suspension itself. I have taken the car over some brick roads that were so bad it was like doing whooptido's on a motocross course. Never had an issue although when I set the suspension to full soft I hit the bump stops if I went too fast.
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