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Originally Posted by BryGo View Post
C'mon guys!

The majority on this site are MEN. We don't need no stinkin' directions. We don't need no stinkin' NAV. All you need to know is which way your heading. Our servicemen, back in the day, had a map and a compass. All you need, is a compass, which the Camaro has.

Problem solved.

Man up!

By that logic, we also don't need a USB port to play our MP3s. Real men play their 8 tracks.

We also don't need active fuel management. Real men don't worry about fuel efficiency.

We also don't need airbags and other safety devices. Real men don't wear seat belts (they're not cool, man).

Look, a good number of consumers want their 2010 model vehicle to have certain features--features that the main competitors have. The Challenger has navigation. So does the Mustang. In fact, the Mustang's navigation unit is voice-activated. If you don't want navigation, then so be it. Don't order it. But GM should have offered the option.

We don't even know where to put our aftermarket nav units because of how the Camaro interior is designed!
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