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Production date announced on this dealer website?

Saw this while surfing....BTW I am Not associated with this dealer in any way. I like you am drooling for mine.

New Camaro

News Flash from Camaro Lovers to Camaro Lovers

Target production for 2009.

Start of Production for the 2009 Camaro will be 2-16-09 - It will be a 2009 Model.

At this time, Simms Chevrolet will be accepting refundable deposits on the all new Chevrolet Camaro. Be one of the first people on the block with this all new muscle car.

If the manufacturer is not taking orders yet, why should I give you a deposit?

This is a pre-order process. Once the manufacturer has annouced a production date and start accepting orders, we will automatically move your deposit from pre-order status to order status.

Does my deposit get me a new camaro?

Deposits will be collected and tracked by date and time. The number of new Camaro that will be in production is unknown. It shall be random draw process. If the person is not ready to take delivery of the new Camaro, it shall continue down the list until all allocated Camaro(s) are sold.

How much is the deposit?

You are required to leave $750.00 deposit. Only one per customer. You will get 100% refunded back too you at anytime by just writing us a letter.

Can I choose my factory options on my New Camaro?

This deposit is a pre-order on the New Camaro. After we receive your deposit, we will contact you on the day the manufacturer has started to accept orders, and allow you to customize the Camaro at that time.

What if I am not one of the lucky ones to get a Camaro?

Your deposit is 100% refunded back too you.
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