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Originally Posted by CynAgain View Post
YAY! That's awesome! Congrats!!!

Soon, very soon...
Well Thank You, but I can't call you Misscyn (missin) anymore, 'cause it Mrscyn...

Originally Posted by SoFlaZ View Post
How have I missed this thread!!! Dude your car is amazing. I'm currently in South FL, but when it is done I'll drive anywhere to go see it lol.

When this is up to speed, are only the bottom of the props in the water? They look high up.
This particular boat is a pretty heavy v-hull, but they are surface drives. At top speed, the rooster tail can be monstrous. Check out the meat cleavers in the pic below...

Originally Posted by mikepage0007 View Post
dyno talk is getting crazy ..bruce ,your journal is like a novel,.. but time is getting close and i believe its time..:flag1:...time to update us with a accurate list of ALL mods, drive train and approx boost you plan to run, might give you writers cramp , so take your time...then we all can poll our rwhp estimates and the winner gets .. a ride to the moon.. no , sorry not that moon...but the winner gets the first ride in your rocket, ...sub and champagne , extra..we will await your decision on this.... maybe afterwards we can get a group party together or even get together @ the turkey run 11/25 thru 11/28 @ daytona..:party0038:..i,m not good @ setting up meets, but if some florida guys can get something set up for a camaro get together @ daytona , this would be awesome.. bruce if your not running YET, ..i,ll put my tow bar on my camaro and pull you there..
You are a wild man Mike. It is getting closer. A few gotchas left, but not too many... It would be fun to get together at Turkey Rod Run.

Originally Posted by Matt'sSS View Post
Yep! I've been pretty happy with the Camaro, unfortunately it's biggest practical downfall has been that while it has immensely more potential than the C5 vert did to haul my daughter around, we realized a little too late that a forward facing baby seat wouldn't work (at least not with anyone sitting in front)

Well thanks for the forward thinking complement, but I think I'd rather have a little more of your fast forward thinking lol The infinity thing was more of an afterthought, but I thought it was kind of neat to have kind of the infinite power idea under the hood, and you're getting there I just really liked the idea of having all of those connected pieces be the polished areas, & hopefully the polished heads would bring more attention to that beautiful intake runner setup if it could be seen under there, that's a beautiful piece.

The front page just had a shot of your engine compartment on there and I still just had to shake my head in near disbelief of how well that looks like it will work out for you, great job!

"Have you ever stood and stared at it, marveled at its beauty, its genius?" - Agent Smith - The Matrix
I felt bad 'cause the picture shown is the mock up parts - block, turbos, etc. The final ones should look quite a bit better.

Originally Posted by Andro View Post
This by far is the best gearhead porn
Thanks, but I believe your car has some sick output too...
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