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Originally Posted by 600hp-lpe View Post
That non-announcement isn't much help....

all it says is we are having C5 Fest 2 somewhere.. TBD.

:popc orn:: popcorn:

Then you understood it!

When there's something concrete to announce, I'm SURE they'll announce it. Once the contracts have been signed and agreed to.
The homepage note was to let everyone know that the decision was incoming.

...ya know... to give C5 members a "head's up". So they don't keep posting, "Where is it?" "When is it?" "Why won't they tell me NOW?" and the dreaded "You didn't tell us anything other than the decision was made and you're just waiting for the contracts to get signed so you can OFFICIALLY tell us and not look stupid if a company reneges on their verbal agreement!! We deserve to know everything NOW NOW NOW NOW!" type idea.

Yeah, I know. Some people actually do that!

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