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Originally Posted by Sanouk View Post
What do you mean official orders?

-> no pre-order

With a true order form and all the official prices...
With details of the options with delivery date with a number of chassis

Excuse my bad language
No bad language at all. I just wasn't sure exactly what you meant. So GM is going to have a first consensus period this month. That will determine how many Camaros they can produce in the first month. That should give some idea of how many of the first 10,000 orders will be filled in the first month. It will also tell how long it will take to fill the 10,000 orders (roughly). So, I think that you could place an "official" order sometime after that point. However, official pricing has been released (at least in the US and Canada) and you can place an order here that gives you an official GM order number. And any order you place any time ("official" or pre-order) would not yield a delivery date or chassis number (VIN) until the order gets to a certain point in the process. So, what I am saying is that the pre-orders are no different than an order that you would place in say 6-months. I hope this helps.
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