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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
blackbee, are you saying you think this is a bit better than your current setup with the DTs?...or when you just had the mufflers and Xpipe only?

Like I said before, I like the tone....the tone actually seems to sound almost exactly like mine lol. Man, I really do need to get a couple quick drive by videos like this.
Now, with the headers.It is about the same but hard to tell. I notice mine now mellows and gets smoother and a little quieter when I get up to water op temps but cold it sounds o.k. but more "v6" like, the "v6 honk" sound if you will when you accelerate.Its hard to listen to a vid and then be in the car driving with all the outside noise to campare though. Mine does sound good, not saying it doesn't but his sounded like it had more deeper defined rumble at idle/take off then the magnaflows do as they tend to muffle sound and on mine its hard to hear alot at light accel around town up to about 3500 rpm, but after that sounds better.I would like to get that initial sound or just more of it at the off idle accel range.I wish I could listen to mine from a bystanders vantage point, but I have to get my wife to drive the car and she's afraid to!! Take a drive in yours and see if I am explaining this right as I know the headers did make it more quiet in the range I am talking about.
On a side note by back neighbor likes my car and said it sound good, he thought it was an SS so can't be that bad even if a "slight" exaduration! Whats funny is he got a white LS auto to match his white 67 RS and I have mine to match my black z28, how coincidental is that!!!

One last thing, while driving after doing my oil change got behind a Infiniti 350 and man what a difference in his high pitched v6 sound and ours!! I like it for what it is but ours is alot better imo!!!

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