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Apparently there are some folks on these boards that work at the Oshawa plant. They're probably going to be our best bet on hearing any "new" information pertaining to the Camaro's production start time. I mean, they're the ones building it, right?

It's been said before; GM has to finish making the '07 Impalas' which should conclude around November of this year. They'll tear down that line and the tooling people will reconfigure it to run the Camaros. From what I hear, setting that line up will take about 6 months if everything goes well. So that puts the Camaro's start up time frame approximately around May or June of '08. You may start seeing them in showrooms around August of '08, or "about" a year from now as the '09 model.

OR... you might not see them at all until December '08- January '09 at the very latest... which, of course would suck- especially around that time, for northerners.
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