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I can discuss a few points about each setup. One big thing is emissions.

Most turbo kits, twin turbo guys don't get emissions certification. Not a big deal for some people, however in some places, like California, this can be a deal breaker.

The Edlebrock E- Force is 50 state emissions legal, and you can purchase an additional warranty to go along with the supercharger. So not only do you get a big boost in power, you will not have the hassles of a non-certified system down the road.

Generally speaking its easier to get emissions certification for a supercharger kit, and this cost is also wrapped into the price of the kit as R & D.

The turbo guys could get certification, but its a complicated and expensive process, that requires some tamper resistance to keep a car at the proper certified level for emissions compliance.

The turbos themselves get hot, so careful attention needs to be paid to the locations next to areas that can not take high temperatures.

A positive displacement supercharger will feel more powerful down lower in the rev range. Depending on how the turbos are sized, will depend on how the turbocharged car will feel You pick the turbo for the power you want to make. Sort everything else out around that number.
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