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Will GM dare manufacture the Z28 on an existing upper level engine??

Originally Posted by DroptopZ View Post
I see your point, but don't you think that using the LS7 would make just as much sense as using the LSA, to a certain degree? While we can debate about whether 470 torque and 420 torque are a 'stone's throw' from each-other, I don't see the difference between using the two power-plants as it relates to the Camaro.

Logically, if the Z28 is using the LSA then THAT version of the Camaro SHOULD draw buyers from the base 'Vette, right? Probably not as much as you'd think. They are completely different cars... and while I see your logic that the Camaro being in a second, visually appealing package coupled with a back-seat might be 'added benefits' that lure buyers, I think the Corvette appeals to a narrow segment of the population and its nameplate alone draws customers (as evidenced by the fact that LS1 Camaros and Firebirds were nearly as fast in a straight line, and still sold, but so did the 'vette). The cars DO compete... if what you're looking at is straight line performance. HOWEVER, the Corvette is a vastly superior setup for track applications... and if you are craving a higher dose of HP than a standard Vette but also want blistering cornering, the Z06 is an excellent platform for that.

I suppose the essence of my point is that GM using the LSA or LS7 both make sense... and I could easily see them churning out an LS7 version of the Camaro to out-do the Mustang Laguna Seca edition, etc. After all, the LS7 is known to have a more difficult time with boost (in stock form) than the LS3 or LS9. It can be a BEAST with heads/cam, though. In fact, I think many of the people who like tuning N/A motors might be drawn to a 7.0L COPO Camaro that was slightly less expensive than the Z28. Do I think they'll do it? Probably not... but mostly because, for the small segment-gap in price, it wouldn't be efficient to do R&D on a 6.2L SS, a 7.0L "COPO" or similar, and the 6.2L supercharged LSA Z28. I agree with you that they likely won't use the LS9 as that is reserved for the flagship car, though...

By the way, I'm terribly sorry if I misunderstood your point. I'm exhausted and running on very little sleep

Au Contrair, DroptopZ!!!!

You got the point correctly. And your logic is sound too, although I beg to differ on the end result.

You are probably correct in that an LS7 engined Z28 will not draw too many buyers from the CORVETTE, however my point is: will GM dare to thread in such delicate ground???

As much as we, car enthusiasts, hate it, cars are manufactured as an enterprise product, profitability being at the core of each production cycle scheme.

While in better times I believe GM might have risked it and carry on the approach that you suggest, I believe that today's GM will not dare so.

The smell of bankruptcy is still pungent on its executive corridors and I'm sure more than one company director is secretly surprised, elated (and relieved) that during the economic debacle of the last 24 months, their flag sports car, CORVETTE and the new sport offering, CAMARO, made not only the black ink, but actually posted good returns and sustained sales figures.

Let's remember that these are dedicated platforms which share very, very little components with other cars produced by GM. Their figures have to make it on their own for them to continue being viable and to continue being a profit center for the company.

I do not know this for a fact but I will not be surprised if there is some corporate directive forbidding the Z28 to be developed at the expense of jeopardizing or affecting the market niche and the sales figures of the CORVETTE icon, which is making money in these hard times: the directive might be akin to "bring in more customers, not divide the ones we already have".

Then again perhaps I'm too locked in this train of tought and your proposal might make the best business model to follow for both model vehicles.

On one thing I'm certain though: there is still a debate within the powers that be at GM and until this is settled one way or another, we will have no real commitment to deliver the Z28.

Finally: my absolute respect to the businessmen and businesswomen of the car industry. My words towards them might sound harsh, however, without their focus on the business part of the equation required to manufacture, distribute and sell autos in a profitable manner, most of the automotive dreams that were once seated or are now awaiting inside our garages will have never seen the light of day.

I guess some boneheads have to do the dirty job...Ooopps!! Here I go again!

Best regards,

The Flash

p.d.: sorry about the previous incomplete posting... let's call it a botched gearshift..!
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