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Ok everyone, stop with the negative comments.

We know we can't cater to everyone every year. This is a nationwide event and we can't make everyone happy every year. We also can't hold the event in one part of the nation ever year and tell everyone else they are out of luck.

We are set on making this yearly event, one of the best events of the year. I'm sorry some of you can't make it, just like myself and hundreds of others couldn't make it last year. All we can do is move on and try to make this the best that we can.

As for regional meets. Yes they are everywhere. Local members always set up local meets. Just look at the California sub-forum, we have the largest amounts of meets and events in the country. And as for the demographics map. Take a look at the amount of Camaros sold per state. The top two are Texas and California, so I'm sure we won't have trouble representing.
All I hope is that, those who can't make it this year can make it next year, wherever it is.
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