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Brushless car wash in metro Detroit or Ann Arbor?

So I picked up my Camaro 3 weeks ago and live in an apartment, which makes it very difficult to wash my car properly very often. This will especially be a problem in the winter when I want to get a wash with underbody rinse at least once a week to get rid of the Michigan highway salt. I know of one brushless carwash in Ann Arbor at a gas station, and tried to make my car there, but the bottom scraped the guide rail so I didn't go through it.

I've seen a lot of posts of people taking their Camaros through touchless car washes, and was wondering if anyone knows of one that the Camaro fits through in metro Detroit or A2? I live in A2 but work in Southfield, so I drive near a large number of cities in Metro Detroit every day(Livonia, Canton, Novi, Farmington Hills, Southfield). I would greatly appreciate any help at finding a car wash that will be relatively safe on my car! Thanks so much!
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