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Originally Posted by formare View Post
It truly is very nice looking. I'm digging the wheels. Do you know if they can be found in a color similar to our stripes?
Tried the Boss 330's first, they were dark gray and close to the stripes. But the Brembo's don't fit. Torq Thrust come in black also. I kinda wish the gray was darker, might do something about that eventually.
Originally Posted by ipimpthisc View Post
hey blast where did u get those cool brake rotors, are those slotted and dimpled..couldnt tell
They are slotted and dimpled. Not a site sponsor, send me a PM if you want to know.
Originally Posted by SlowSS View Post
Very nice!! I see you went with the Nitto 420's. I had them on my TBSS, you will love them!!

Also how much of a pain was it to add the homelink??
Homelink was easy. here's a thread: I did use the wiring harness made by Darth Martel. Worked great!
Originally Posted by WCoolBreeze View Post
Where did you get the lower grill on the front, it matches the Herritage Grill perfectly. If I could get that lower grill I would do the mod for the Herritage Grill on my 2LT/RS Red Jewel Tint.

Walt B.
It's a T-rex, can be bought from many sources. I had it powdercoated satin black to match the Heritage.

Thanks everyone for all the compliments!
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