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new member , and soon to be a new camaro owner :)

hi guys
i've been reading your fourm for a month now , and im enjoying every moment of it , ive learned lots of information , that even the chevy sales person didnt know about , and i enjoyed asking him Q's and watching him google it or searching for the answer in his system

will lets get to the point , ive been on and off about buying the new camaro , first it wuz the choice of having the challenger or th '11 stang GT , and thn i decided i would go with the camaro 2SS/RS , cuz it looks more threatning and evil when u see one pulling up nxt to u and revving up that V8 engine , but what is stopping me frm buying 1 right now is that im always looking for the best option/model to buy , i wuz planing to own the '10 thn i saw the HUD in the '11 nad decided to w8 for it until its in the showroom and that wont b until dec/2010 , thn i've heared abt the 2012 and the Z28 , and it might be priced a lil bit higher but at least the SS will get a new design and ive heard frm the sales guy that the 2012 will have a sat nav option .
and i just cant w8 forever , and keep w8in for the newer model , i need to commit to a model soon or there is a good chance of me going crazy , because its one hell of a ride and i cant w8 to own 1

thx guys
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