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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
I'm going to post some updates soon. Had a job location transfer sprung on me unexpectedly and I've been busy adjusting. Haven't done paint mods yet but I had it dynoed and I have a video of that I need to edit and post. Got a DRL harness mod which allows the DRLs to be on at the same time as the headlights. Got French racing yellow overlays for the DRLs. Anticipating the Racing Brake rear rotors being available here shortly so I can get those installed. Still trying to find a carbon fiber driveshaft that is reasonably priced; had two prospects fizzle out.

I'll take some new pics with the lighting mods and post them in the next few days. Thanks for being interested!

Hey Doc -

Hopefully the transfer went well for you. Cant' wait to see the updated to Blue Angel. Think you will be able to go to C5Fest2?

Take Care...
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