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Originally Posted by tribone View Post
Hey guys and girls. I think it would be cool if we had one thread where we have all the Convoy threads. That way if one part of the country wants to join the other part of the country, we can do that.

If I missed a Convoy Thread please PM me and I will add it.

Mods: Feel free to edit this post as needed.

Arizona Convoy Thread

California Convoy Thread

Canada Convoy Thread

Great Lakes Convoy Thread

Mid-Atlantic Convoy Thread

New Mexico Convoy Thread

Nevada Convoy Thread

Northeast Convoy Thread NY, NJ, CT, PA New England

Northwest Convoy Thread

Southcentral Convoy Thread

Southeast Convoy Thread

Texas Convoy Threads DFW Houston San Antonio

Utah Convoy Thread

There could be 2 CDN convoys one from the west and one from the east. That's why Canada should be devided into two or three regions. I made that suggestion a year ago. I was shot down in flames. There currently two threads going in the CDN section.
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