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Originally Posted by goblue255 View Post
Thanks for the information. I don't know what to do in the winter now. I can't let the salt build up, I can't wash it because I don't have a driveway and it would freeze anyways, automatic car washes are too dangerous (brushes or strong solvents for touchless), and the quarter wash is too high pressure, and not enclosed so it might also freeze if I can't dry it quickly enough. How does a Michigander like myself manage keeping my car clean in the winter if it is a daily driver?
Wait for a day above 32F, and head to the quarter wash place with the two buckets like just mentioned above. One with sudsy car wash soap, and the other for rinsing your mitt.

My Camaro get's parked for the winter, but I do the two bucket thing a couple times a month on my Silverado 4x4 when a warm day hits in the winter. Works great as long as it's above freezing.
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