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Originally Posted by MuttGrunt View Post
I'll give you my advice as a fellow from the wolverine state.

First off - you'll have to live with having a dirty car for the overwhelming majority of the time. No way around that. Even on nicer / warmer days, the dried up salt will be flung all over your ride.

To clean her correctly, you'll need some "Gamma lids" for your 5 gallon buckets. Fill up your 2 five gallon buckets like for a normal wash, but put the water proof gamma lids on the buckets and head to the DIY bay on a nicer day. Spray the crap out of your car using the "rinse" water. Then do your two-bucket-method wash before rinsing again. Follow with your favorite microfiber drying towel and make sure you add on a spray sealant/wax to top up your protection, and you're all good to go
Thanks for the advice! I think I'll just tough it out and wash my car when the temperature gets above freezing. What's the reason for the Gamma lids if its above freezing point? Can't you just use the water from the quarter wash when you spray down your car?
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