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Originally Posted by SScattergunSS View Post
Have any of you taller guys been in a Sun Roof equipped 2010? I'm 6'4 / 227, and am considering changing my order to include one on my 1SS/RS. But when it comes, I don't want to be sitting there with my neck bent over looking at the dealer off to my side out of the corner of my eye, with him telling me, "Well, you ordered it!" (I got myself laughing now) If anybody has any insight, I'd appreciate reading what you have to say. Thanks for your time....
Well the reason we got a sunroof going up and out of the car instead of down and in was supposed to give you taller guys more headroom. So there shouldn't be any problem there. All I can say is that it better give you more headroom because I want it to go down and in!
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Plus, I had T-Tops on my IROC and I think I used them once, to see what it was like. The open top thing just doesn't do it for me.
- Xanthos
Are you kidding, my T-tops came out almost every sunny day.
I am seriously never serious vv V vv Next order of business
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