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Another ******** install

My sub install. Steve figured out what I needed like a BA harness with a LOC for the MB Quart amp I had.

My wiring is a bit messy. I did not cut anything and just rolled up the leftovers. There is so much room around the battery.

The 10 inch hits just fine for me. And sounds great even with the seat up. The sub is upside down. Oops.

Also in that last pic is the PAC Bass knob I bought. I assume I need to run the RCA jacked wires coming out of the LOC through the bass controller and then back to the amp.

There is a bass controller for that Discus Amp, but it is super expensive although it supports all of the Amp controls.

Some songs need bass reduction and other need more bass. I wonder if this is due to the sampling rate of my MP3 collection? Many different levels have I.

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