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Originally Posted by Hoss View Post
I really like your Camaro, she is a real beauty.

Please tell me about the change out of the rear end gearing? What was the cost and what is the difference in performance over the standard gearing? Was the 3.70 the right gearing, and is it hard to keep the car under power?

Are replacement tires bankrupting you? LOL!
Thanks for the Compliment !!

I can't remember the exact cost. PM Andy at ADM Performance to get the price.. The 3.70 gears are perfect for a daily driver.. I beat another Camaro with 25 more horsepower due to the gears.. It is pretty easy to keep the tires on the ground as long as you don't pop the clutch, if you slip it coming off the line, it is just right .. The stock clutch stinks in my Camaro, I can't wait to get the Lingenfelter ZR-1 Twin Disc Clutch in mine..

The swap out was about 45 minutes at ADM Performance. They have the entire pumpkin there and waiting and did a quick swap while I waited.. Those guys at ADM Performance are AWESOME !!
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