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Thanks for all the compliments!! I'm heading to San Diego Sunday night in order to drop my car off at RPMM Monday morning.

Ran into a snag Tuesday. I was a dumb ass and ordered low profile tires (255/30/20 & 305/25/20) and I don't like the way they look. Way too much wheel well gap. I ordered new tires today and they will be installed on Saturday. I didn't get the size I wanted due to the short notice, (stock sizes :() but I didn't want to drive to San Diego on the Hankook's since I'm hoping to try to sell them. It was a costly $1k lesson that I won't repeat.

I will update this thread with pics and info after next week's build. For those of you who are interested in numbers only then you may be disappointed. This is a comment from Greg, "The dyno used to tune your car reads almost 18% less than most other dynos. It's a double eddy current dyno with heavy load which is best for tuning, but not for bragging rights. Some people like to take it to a dynojet or mustangdyno after so they can get the numbers they want."

I'm cool with that and I told him as much, but I didn't want anyone else to question why my numbers were lower than they should be. We are expecting my car to put down a minimum of 550RWHP at 8 pounds of boost with the other bolt ons. I would be surprised if it wasn't at least 550RWHP or more. We shall see though.

I want to give a big thanks to Bruce (Speedster), Chris (Gtahvit mod poopie head), Randy (PQ), Chuck (Radz28), Ronnie (Da Hose for keeping me laughing), Brandon (Brandotron), and anyone else who took the time to stop and answer my questions or listened to me bitch.

In case it was lost on people (who never read through the first post), I want to thank Gary (orange10s.c.) for my custom bow-ties and my new hood if things fall into place. I also want to give a big shout out to Mike ( for my calipers. I would highly recommend both him and Gary for any custom painting/powder-coating you need done!!

As much as I love to give Chris crap (as he does me) I dedicate the following passage to PQ.

Your wheels came all shiny and bright
After looking, you deemed something wasn't right
You decided to put your wheel through a test;
A broken finger later and we laughed in jest

Your grille and your spears are well done
After listening to opinions from everyone.

Performance was your next goal in line
Something else to improve your L99
Cat-back and headers were on your list
Heading down south to receive help from Chris.

The drive by of your car sounded sick
I took action, determined to be just as quick.

The fuse pull opened our car's potential power
Causing us to drive until the witching hour
Your contribution to the boards I thank you for;
A dedicated C5 man and a fellow post whore.

With that said, I leave you with this....
You open my hood and you can't miss,
something black and powerful, looking so fine,
feast your eyes on my Whipple 2.9.

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