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T3 Scoop install and light mod

updated 4-29-2011 new light mod, wire mesh filling, post 213

Update information 11-20-10, add some post with good information
post #63
post #116 also see post 117
post #126
read post 126-149 important stuff about adhesive and holding ports in place while drying.
see fellow member GJG with his ports installed. thanks for posting, awesome see link below post 156
more posts by GJG read carefully, awesome info and tips. post 161 and 164 links below
more info here from 7-30-12

Update pics 10-7-10 light mod.

Hello My fellow Camaro addicts, just finished installing my heritage grill and T3 Scoops (painted by Gary's Customs), Gary did a very nice job. Installation of the heritage was pretty simple, the T3 scoops require measuring, cutting and sealing, so they are more work and take a lot more skill. I will be working to mod the T3's, so i can mount my DRL's. I am also waiting for my Razzi Ground Effect kit which Gary is also providing. I should have that sometime next week.



we made a bracket to go on top of the T3's for the red lights, my goal was not to be able to see the led's but only to fill the scoop with the red light when i had my red halos on. next we added the white LED strips just like the manufacture offers. I'm not sure if im going to leave them that way or not. we were going to mount the factory DRL's but they just didnt look good to me.
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