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Originally Posted by BlacLac02 View Post
yeah they will be ready in the next 12 months. if they already have 1 production model done, that meens they have everything how they want it and the companies that make the sheet metal or plastic already have a mold.the longest part of getting a car going has already been done...... and thats the concept stage. now its "a piece of cake" for GM to getthe rest of this going. in no time theyll be making thousands of those cars a week and they will be out on the street. so TEAM CHEVY it is possible,
Just my 2 cents but being that I work in an OEM factory we have showed production models without having finished molds or hard tooling more than one time. I have a hard time believing tooling is done or started. Most tooling will take six to 12 weeks. If you believe the tooling is done you would have to believe that they sent finalized drawings to vendors 12 weeks ago. I doubt it.
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