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Thanks Scott.

I feel like I have been so good with avoiding the doom and gloom.... And then today I just fell into the trap. I was so wound up waiting for the car and I totally broke when I saw that 1 month wait... Then to see 2 different versions of dealers explaining things. And we all know theres 3 sides to every story, yours, theirs, and the truth.

This is not to demean the evs guys or Scotty, I highly appreciate their help to the community, I think we all do. But we all based our meltdown (me included) on to their perceptions.

I watched the bits of video and I don't feel I had the same impression as they did.... as well I even said somewhere in the other post that the timeframes just don't make sense. Where are all these cars that the factory will be producing going to go? They have to go somewhere.... It just doesn't make sense really....

So thank you Scott for clearing things up. As I said in the other post you can only tell us what you know and are able to, and you have not misled us, only our perceptions have.

(So to reneg on my comment from before I will not be purchasing a Challenger R/T this summer.... I'm pretty sure my Camaro will be delivered by then!)
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