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I completely understand the V6 strategy with Chevy.

The reason why I personally got into the Camaro was because I test drove the Challenger and hated it, surprisingly. I went home and thought to myself... there's gotta be a better muscle car for a better price with a better look. Stumbled across the Camaro concept and was hooked. I wanted the V6 Camaro at first because 300hp sounded AWESOME. After researching for a while I wanted to upgrade to the SS. It was love at first sight Ever since then I've placed my order for my 2SS/RS CGM Camaro and have been addicted to this website like crack. So, although I'm hurt that it's been delayed it's completely understandable for marketing reasons. Crush the Mustang!!!

I know seeing a CGM Camaro would definitely make up for the 'delay' *hint hint Scott*

Thanks Scott, that definitely renewed my confidence in the Camaro. I was beginning to lose it there for a while.
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