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2. We are NOT focusing only on V6s. We understand -- and frankly, are blessed -- that we have so many Camaro enthusiasts that have turned this car into a lifestyle -- (and some might say: addiction!)
Scott, the problem isn't in the month delay...people will get over that. Delays happen. The problem is this:

If you build V6's and V8's at a 50/50 ratio you WILL piss off a lot of preorders who will be forced to wait. GM knows the V6 is more important than the V8, hell, we all know that. But right now you've got a 80/20 HAVE to ramp up V8 production more than V6 production.

but when I hear someone say "GM doesn't care about us" I get a *bit upset*......
GM is a business obviously and they need Camaro's at dealerships so people can look, feel, touch, etc. However, the people taking the fall for this are the preorders...for every V6 you guys have sitting at a dealership...well, that's just one more V8 order not being fulfilled. Let the V8 owners market the car for you...when people see the V8's rolling around they WILL want a Camaro, and it's much better for everyone to get these cars on the road as fast as possible.

Just tell me why 50/50 is the selected build rate for right now...why would you do that to your customers...the people in the back of the V8 line, you're going to lose those customers...
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