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Originally Posted by PoorMansCamaro View Post
Wonder how hard/expensive it would be for camaro5, or anyone, to make camaro5 lanyards. Did a quick search and saw a site where u can create custom ones for as little as 19cents. Maybe make it apart of the store for people to buy in advanced, and sell them at the fest. And maybe someone make a template online for people to fill out and print for their names.
I take it you have not seen

They are not in the store yet, but of the 100 we had made, we are down to about 40 or so in a few weeks. Once these sell out, we are going to buy more. Included are the badge holders.
Originally Posted by 2011 2SS/RS View Post
Should be included in the "registration" fee. Available when you pick up your registration / member packet.

We'll have those....????? right????

Along with screen name and real name maybe a pic of your car as the background. You could provide a digi-pic when you register online for the festival.

I'm sure we have a member that works at kinkos or owns a printing company... hell, I have a relative that may be able to provide a quote for that...
We'd love to do registration cards and were working on it last year. Time ran out and we were not able to get them done. We'll look into it again this year.

If you don't want them to cost an arm and a leg, then each car won't be personalized with a picture of their car. On top of that, not everyone going will have a car. what happens with missing pictures, bad files, blurry pictures, uploaded the wrong ones...who is going to create the upload site and maintain it?

While not a bad idea, but without more thought and a whole lot of work, it won't come together.

Again, we had hard plastic badges nearly done for last year. We'll see about getting them this year.
Originally Posted by IBM/2SS/RS/LS3 View Post
I have a cheap source for printing if someone can come up with what they want on the badges. It will also be cheaper if they all look the same. Maybe after the CFII logo is worked out we can come up with something.
Exactly. That is what our admin is working on now. Let us get this finished up and we'll work on some badges.
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