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That is a fact. Not many people at GM have a clue how to sell a car. 10 days after they went on sale I walked into Hamilton Chevy in Warren Mi and asked about the Camaro. The desk lady said she had no literature. I said I want to talk to a salesperson about the Camaro. They had 4 people at desks all on the phone about 6PM on a Thursday night. I walk around the tiny showroom and nothing about a Camaro anywhere. One salesperson gets free after 5 minutes and I ask him if he has any information on the Camaro. As he stretches out in his chair he says "nope nothing at all." Does not get up, shake my hand, ask who I am or introduce himself or offer my wife a seat or offer to find out any information or give me a card. I say that according to online they were to start taking orders on or about the 13TH. "Nope, no information" he says. OK, out I go and down the road to Ed Rinke where to make a long story short I was treated like a gentleman and given everthing that he had available from the GM computers including pricing and packages. He spends another 15 minutes showing us a Corvette in the showroom since the wife had asked about that. We look over the info, I kick it around some and determine what I want or need and on Halloween we go back and order an Orange pumkin for about $37,000. I guess the first dealership was just too tired and busy to take my money. We are not kids looking for a sticker or picture of a car. I am 56 years old and want to spend some money on a car that I fell in love with at first site at the 2006 Detroit Autorama. Michigan is hurting all over and that first dealership salesperson was just too lazy to get off his A-- to help a customer. Now after I put a grand down to get one I have yet to get any brochures, color charts, updates or anything from GM except my letter like everyone else recently got. GM needs to make a circus out of this and toot their own horn about this new car. They need to deliver all the preorders on the same day and have the press from every town cover it at every dealership. Selling a car today is a big deal and they need to capitolize on it with a lot more than I have seen so far. Sorry to rant, but my experience so far is less than I expected. I sincerly hope the car is as good as it seems it should be. I ordered a 2SS with everything except stripes or ground effects in Orange with the custom interior. My experience so far has me wondering what Inferno Orange is. Looking over the internet I am still not sure. If it is like the show car convertible a hugger Orange then I am extremely happy. Time will tell. I can not wait.
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