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BMR Fabrication Review:

I have the strut brace, driveshaft safety loop, subframe connectors and lowering springs.

I will start out by saying that I'm very disappointed with the BMR customer service. It takes forever if you are lucky enough to get a response to a technical question email. The springs did not come with instructions so I had to use the PFADT instructions. The subframe connectors only work with their tunnel brace, unless you are able to modify your OEM or aftermarket one. There was no mention of the tunnel brace fit until after I ordered it and they offered to sell me theirs. Theirs looks good if you haven't already purchased one from another vendor. I was able to make mine work after cutting it down with my chop saw. You don't want to have to cut it by hand. I pulled the strut brace off after I noticed that the collars were shifting all over the place when turning the steering wheel after installed. I went back to stock and sent two emails and a couple of calls for technical assistance over a week ago and have yet to hear back. The spring kit was missing two parts, BMR did ship them out to me right away after I was able to contact them for those the first day of install.

BMR has some nice items, I doubt that I will be a future customer again because of their poor customer service.

My reviews on the items I purchased.

The springs dropped my car nicely and I'm happy with them. There are no noises coming from them.

The subframe connectors installed ok after I modified the tunnel brace. I would recommend that you purchase one from them for correct fit if you choose to go that rout. Most including vendors will tell you that our cars don't need them. I auto-x my car and want all the stiffness that I can get. Hard to say if they help me since I didn't take before and after videos. I would be glad to take some after video of any portion of the underside of the car for those who would like to compare before and after results.

The strut tower was removed as noted below. It looks great, just don't think or know if the fastener rings should move like that and I don't want to take that chance since my car gets driven really hard through the auto-x courses.

The drive shaft safety loop looks heavy duty. You will need one of these if you plan on running sub 13s in the quarter mile. The install is a bit tough with the exhaust in the way, but doable with patience.
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