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Originally Posted by radz28 View Post
I know no more than anyone else here, but I really think it's going to come pretty well equipped straight off. I believe the base package with like a 2SS, and then one could add some more goodies on top of that, like a higher performing Track Pack and a higher-level interior treatment. I know that, except for the sunroof, I'd like a pretty well loaded one, but we're going to have to wait to see what happens. I'm sure, with a Track Pack and trim level upgrade, it'll easily get into the neighborhood you're thinking, but I'd be pretty happy with a RS2SS-type base level. I don't really think I'd be too interested in something like drilled rotors, Recaro seats, or some of those other add-ons we see in other cars.

I'm still struck by how loud the blower is when it takes off for another run down the track. I'm sure the wall amplified it, but I'm thinking we'll see a bump in boost, maybe to 10 or 11 psi. That'd probably be good for almost 600 HP if they can use a lower restriction dual mode exhaust - they're good for something like 6 HP on the earlier LS3 'Vettes, no?

It's a very exciting time for a Zed fan
Yar I would agree and can only hope the base has awesome suspension. Recaro ect I really dont want or need but I would want full drivetrain and suspension performance options, I can hope and pray however I know the 500GT with track package, SVT I think? puts that price at 58K+ before taxes over 60K out the door >.< ouch! Yar man the blower does sound sweet!
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