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SA CHEVY's fund my wheels thread...

Well have a set of wheels that I'm working on buying...just don't have the money

Selling my garage of stuff to fund my wheels...

I have a few other FS threads but am going to throw most of them in this as well as some new pieces...

1. MGP Caliper covers, I believe new they were around $200, bought them and put them on and when I really got back and looked at them thought it was too much for what I was going for. Removed them and put them back in the box. They are a GM licensed product, red covers with "SS" etched in them. Come with install instructions as well. Asking $120 OBO for the set of four (for the SS of course). SOLD!!

2. Front and rear black billet bowties (full 100% black billet, not plastic, no chrome trip around it all BLACK BILLET) made by Empire Billet in Southern CA and I purchased them new through the dealer when I bought the car (not selling at dealer prices so cheer up). Asking only $85 shipped for these so jump on this deal.

3. My stock 20" Midnight Silver wheels the set of 4 that I have since painted and are now a matte black finish with gloss black lug nuts (just the wheels, no tires or TPMS but will include stock lug nuts). The passenger front wheel has about a 1 1/2" rash on the corner but can post pics up, it is not noticeable at all anymore after painting the wheels and can post pictures to prove it. Can deliver as well just would need the money up front as I'd need to buy my new wheels, install tires from these wheels, then could drive to deliver. They look great and like the wheels but in my effort to diversify my car am going aftermarket (hence the reason for my thread). For them am asking $700 delivered for the set or OBO if you want to arrange otherwise.

4. Stock grill off my 2010. In great shape, nice and clean, removed when I installed my Heritage grill. How about $50 + actual shipping or if wanted I can do local pickup or deliver if I find myself heading your way anytime soon. Would make a great piece to do something different such as if you wanted to color match it to your ride. (IMO would look great painted white with the black billet bowties).

5. I have a set of stock manifolds (actually two but need to keep one in case I ever get popped by the refs) in great shape with just a few thousand on them. How about $50 + shipping for them as well.

6. Not sure if anyone is into the custom truck scene but have a set of "Caddy tails" that I picked up a long time back when I was still doing the custom truck scene. I know I paid a big dollar for them back in the day but lets say $125 shipped for them, includes lights, bezels, bulbs, and harness.

7. Blackout GTS taillight covers for 2007+ GMC Sierra pickups. Had them on for about 9 months on my old Sierra pickup I sold and loved them! Asking only $50 for them as well.

More items to come but as stands this is it for my "Fund-A-Wheel" thread...PM me for any specifics and can post pics of anything you need to see or have an interest me out guys!

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