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Originally Posted by dragonZ28 View Post
We actually do those logos for free. So, no one will select "none"
If you can tell me what you want on it, I can sell it to you directly with the text you want.
We sell them plain with nothing on them at all. $74.99

We sell them with whatever etching you want: "that we are allowed to do" $84.99

You can get a bowtie with two lines of text on top, and two lines of text on the bottom, with the center empty for $98.00
This is an excellent deal, and you can do what you like with the empty location.

Please let me know. If the website does not allow what you want, I can make it for you anyway. We try to set the sale pages up for a lot of different options so that the customers can get what they want.
However, there are a lot of items we make every week, that are generated from one on one sales to customers.

Thanks, Roger
Roger, I'm ready to do this. What I'd like is one with the center empty and with two lines of text. How can I go about ordering it this way? Is there a comment box on the checkout page or something?
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