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Hey all,

I've got just about anything you could need tool wise. Just got some new air tools today!!

Ive got a long, narrow driveway. Room for 1 in the garage, with working room all the around. Carpet on the floor! More soft pads for driveway work.

1 space behind, great for any work, and detailing. Hose back here, and one out front.

Then the rest of the driveway is more suited for parking (3 should fit fine). But work can be done out here too!

I have 2 guest parking permits for the street, as it it a "residential permit" area of San Jose. I can ask my neighbors to borrow their permits if we need them.

Beer fridge in the garage, BBQ/chairs out back. 7-11 a block away, not too far from auto parts stores.

Speak up about what projects you need and we can make sure we have all the right supplies!

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