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Originally Posted by advfire View Post

Mine and your setup's are pretty close and would love to swap stories. Ran a 11.21 on Wen. and know I should be able to get into a 10.9 Thinking about the 4.10 as well and have also looked into the cluch and axel's are well. the 11.2 was made using 20" with nitto 315 N05R tires.

Are you using 17" tires on front and back??? was looking into doing 17" Mickys in the rear to get a better takeoff.

In the front I still run the stock 20". In the back I run a 28x10x17 Hoosier bias ply slick. Up until now its been great. High 1.4 to low 1.5 60's every single time.

Today we did the new 4.10 rear with the Jannetty Posi Mod. In addition to that we put in the Pfadt trailing arms and bushings and at the last minute decided to install some DSS 1400hp axles. The Ted went to work and retune the trans and its back to perfect again. First shot and in a few minutes! We test drove the car and its much better with the 4.10s and Teds tune. Shifts are great, nice and firm and quick, the rpms stay up between shifts, it all works out. So now its back to the track next Friday to see what we need to change next!
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