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Originally Posted by Orange Krate View Post
Thank you so much for the kind words. Is the SST Camaro being worked on out here? Would be happy to take some photos for you if you like. I do a bit of photography on the side and love to take photos for friends etc. NO CHARGE!

I grew up in this area and it truly is one of the best areas in the country. The only limiting factor is the States confounded smog laws as they exist now. Lot of politics for sure.

I appreciate your offer and may very well take you up. I love to hear what people do and and how they accomplished certain objectives and goals with their cars. For now I will just be happy to get one and then start tinkering (sooner) later.

Yes, the SST is out there right now. Very close to being completed. (I guess "close" needs to be explained - hopefully within a month. It will end up as 18 months of continuous modification.) Yeah, if you are around when I fly out, some pics would be cool ! Thanks.

Enjoy your new ride when it comes in. You will have a blast. Yell when you start 'tinkering'
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