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New guy... saw Rally Yellow Camaro SS!! (photos)

Hello everyone. This is my first post but i have been reading from this site since.......before the concept was at the auto show. Seems like a decade ago now. I am literally on this website at least 2x a day....everyday.

I have been so jealous with all these pictures that everyone is posting. I so badly just wanted to see on in person. So here is the story! Just before the New Year my wife and I were driving to her parents house for a late Christmas dinner. Out of the corner of my eye I saw it in a parking lot!!! I (safely) slammed the brakes whipped into a driveway to turn around. My wife flipped out asking what was wrong?? Then she said it is the Camaro isnít it? Somehow she knew. She is always asking me "what are you reading on that website now?" What can I track mind.

Anyway, the guy that was driving it came out and let me look it over. I was literally shaking from excitement. NO JOKE. (Thats why at least one of the pictures is a bit blurry)

Anyone who has not seen this car in person....let me tell you there is not a picture on this website or any other that will do it justice . It is a work of art. I didnít even really like yellow on this car before I saw it..

I apologize that most have you have seen pictures like these already. I know this isnít anything new to much of anyone. But I had to share my experience! It was amazing.
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