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Gibson Performance Axle-back exhaust

Finally.... after fiddling with my camera for the better part of 3 days I came to the conclusion that it has a corrupted hard drive... So I filmed it using my phone, so the video quality isn't the greatest.

My impression of the exhaust now that I've been driving with it for a week is pretty high. I got to say I love the exhaust note! It's got a nice deep and mean rumble at idle. The exhaust gets a really nice performance growl at WOT. Best part is, like SDCamaro pointed out, there isn't much drone to speak of. This exhaust really minds it's manners when you want it to. The exhaust note seems to only be getting better the more I drive with it. Those of you that are concerned with drone but would like a good muscle car sounding exhaust note this is definitely the kit for you. Also got to say that the tips that come in the kit are beautiful. Don't pay attention to how they look in the vid it had just rained and they're all dirty.

Definitely want to give a shout out to Adkins Performance for getting this done! Hit them up if you want to get this set up, it's amazing!

The video doesn't do it justice, it looses a lot of the low end to the sound in the clip, the sound is really much deeper. I'll try to post more vids and some pics as soon as I can. Enjoy:

Some updated video. This is with the Injen CAI & Resonator delete now:

SDCamaro10's exhaust. Injen CAI, Magnaflow true x-pipe, Gibson Axle-back:

Another vid of SDCamaro10's exhaust:

Gotta love the way these exhausts sound. Pure money!

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