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Originally Posted by DON_RAFA View Post
those wheels would look nice with a brushed face and chrome lip...anyone know what kind of wheels those are?
They are CCW SP550s. They are a one-piece forged aluminum wheel. Very light, and pretty strong. The company that makes them is CCW and they are very reputable and have some of the best customer service I have ever experienced.

I know about these wheels because I have some very similar SP600s on my CTS-V. I absolutely love the wheels.

But the bottom line, I would bet lots 'o money that GM will not use these wheels (from a fairly small aftermarket wheel company like CCW) on the production Z/28, which is a shame. If I ever get a Z/28, I will just pay the $700 per wheel and get these anyway.

See pic below (found on the CCW website):
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