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Black==============> 8
Summit White========> 2
Rally Yellow==========> 3
Victory Red==========>7
Cyber Gray Metallic====>10
Silver Ice Metallic=====> 6
Inferno Orange Metallic=> 5
Red Jewel Metallic=====> 1
Aqua Blue Metallic=====> 4
Imperial Blue Metallic===> 9

CGM and IBM are very close, but IBM with white stripes is hands down the best combo.
RJM is my least favorite, it is more of an elegant color, it's not a look at me I am driving a 426hp car type color. Red jewel metalic is best left for the malibu in my opinion.

Just saw a great pic of ABM on a track so I had to edit.... One really needs to see this car in person to make better judgements, but this is my .02 cents.

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