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So Today was the wrench day at Redemptions house. He's got a nice little set up with a long driveway and tools to work on 4 cars at a time. Only two camaros needed work So while it took 4 heads to put on my Procharger stage 2 intake, and scratch the hell out of my strut tower, Ddavis was able to install his new short throw shifter.

On my car went the intake, and the AAC sidemarkers which I had tinted locally. Shipping damage prohibited SummoneR from instlaling my footwell lighting while a couple of us went to town on the intake. Directions on the intake say to drill out 4 spot welds on the OEM battery terminal bracket. The problem is there's 6. And 3 of them are at impossible angles unless you have a 90 degree drill, which was about the only tool Redemption didn't have at his house.

One broken bit later, we had the spot welds drilled out and began to try to pry the "spot welded" bracket off. I swear the two 2"x2" segments that were connected to the strut tower were one big giant spot weld each!!! An assortment of tools was used to pry the bracket off.

Hole punch x2
Socket extension
Flat head screw driver x2
Pickle Fork
hacksaw blade

The problem is, that without these tools, I wouldn't have been able to move the battery terminal, but after using these tools. This is what the bracket looked like...
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