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Originally Posted by Morepwr View Post
The good thing about this is that it makes both the mustang and camaro better cars. Both companies are going to leapfrog each other improving the cars which really benefits us as the buyer!

These engine respond so well to bolt ons, that pulling out more power is really quite easy to do.
Im no expert but i feel like Ford has rung nearly all of the power out of that 4.9, but if I am wrong I can tell you that it is much simpler to mod a pushrod displacement over technology V8 than a DOHC with touchy sensors everywhere.

Originally Posted by brAnd7onX View Post
Honestly the power is sufficient, I think making the cars significantly lighter would be more than enough. The thing the camaro loses against the mustang is the power/weight ratio.
^ youve got it! I know it wouldnt happen but i would love to see a carbon fiber roof option kinda like on a BMW. Either way if GM put the camaro on weight watchers it would benefit heavily.
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