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Its reasonable, feasible and wouldn't require a huge outlay in new development and I know GM isn't going to do it.

Raid the GM performance parts bin:
Cold air box has GM sold any?
Shorty headers same story...
GM exhaust, yes a few are sold. But most buyers aren't swapping at all or are heading right to aftermarket.

  • Trans from CTS-V with 3:73 ratio (know it can handle the power)
  • Hit the parts bi: Put on the shorties / GM cold air box / GM exhaust (get them out of the warehouse they are in gathering dust)
  • A sway bar and swap out the 245s up front for another set of 275s.
  • Pop in the LS Hot Cam. (LS376/480...)
With the Cam, Headers and Exhaust swap, it should be good for ~45hp to the wheels.

Gear change gets the trap speed up.
Sway bars and wheels gets the cornering speeds up.
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