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Originally Posted by steverc View Post
Great instructions on the oil & filter change. Maybe I don't take it serious enough but I've changed my oil myself for almost 40 years and I've never used a torque wrench, just a regular wrench and a little "feel" for what is tight but not over tight. The new v6 filter set up is great. It seemed to get tight all at once. The torque wrench would be great but not absolutely needed. Never had any problems yet. I did not replace the O ring but we will need to at some point. I have not read anything difinitive on that yet. Some filters come with one others don't. I am interested in hearing what you all think about the frequency of changing the O ring in the filter cap.
Yep, torquing is new to me too for oil changes-my old oil filter had the "turn 1 1/2 after touches." I do torque the new one-just in case since it actually has it on the housing .
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