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Horrible around my area in Central Wisconsin. I drive to Milwaukee 10-12 times a year to attend Brewer Games and fly out of Mitchell Airport. I would feel safer drivin thru Milwaukee rush hour traffic then drivin around my town. Last weekend I almost got killed. A older lady in a big old mercruy passed my camaro on the left lane going in the wrong direction. Thank god I was in the right lane. People around me don't understand the concepts of a green arrow. It means go I honked my horn several times a year. They don't understand what a turning lane is for? I was behind a car in the right lane so they decided to turn left. Umm what is a turning lane?
The last two times I traveled over to Appleton I saw a 5 car pileup and another 3 car pileup. It's just odd living in a town with 24,000 population you think the roads would be safer but the drivers are just sooo stupid. I would like to send the drivers down to Milwaukee to see if they COULD acutally drive?
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